Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A lot learned - even if a little too late!

Hello all ~

Well I have not done well in class at all this term. It started out a little rough and then seemed to be going ok however did not last long. I started going downhill quick when it came to the draft. I started writing the wrong type of paper and then just couldn't seem to get it right. I have learned however that time is definitely needed to be able to right a good paper. Research is incredibly important along with all the steps in the writing process. I have really enjoyed the time that I have spent in seminars with everyone and the informatio that I am taking with me from this class. If I make it through then that is great however if I do not then I definitely will be prepared for the next time around. I also will know to pick a different subject to write about!!! LOL Maybe something I know a little about. Hope everyone has a great journey.

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