Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It just can't go smoothly!

Hello All ~

Just here to vent tonight! It has been one of those weeks. Where do I start??? Firstly, I still have no finished draft... UGH! I had one but I did it completely wrong and wasted it. I Feel like I read a lot of stuff for nothing, well I actually did. I mean I read on the topic that I am writing on but the wrong information. So I have been really negative now about this and am having problems getting it together. I am trying and one way or another I will get it together and done. To top it all off - I have been having internet problems most of the week. I can sometimes get on but cannot get anything to load. Everything wants to time out on me and then I start getting those stupid messages about internet explorer cannot display the page or problems with the internet connection and then asks if I want to diagnose. I mean come on!!! I share internet with my neighbor across the street. We live in a rural area and they only have so many connections available in this area and evidently they are all used up. I do not know what they mean by this they call them nubs or something like that. Anyway, my neighbor set me up on their wireless. I appreciate it but there are always so many issues with it and I get so mad I start cussing and wanting desperately to throw things - like the computer... It is just aggravating when you are gone 16 hours for so many days in the week and then when you have the time to do something you run into walls at every turn. Sometimes I just can't catch a break and wonder why. Then there are other time when I do it to myself and again wonder why. OK I will stop now. Now that I am done venting, it just dawned on me that I did not check to see if professor wanted up to just blog on whatever or if she wanted up to discuss something specific... OMG!!! I will all be ok, it will all be ok, it will all be ok... LOL have a great night all.

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  1. Erika what a week!! Don't let it get you down; just decide to have a better day, no matter what :=)