Monday, September 6, 2010

My Little Man Trying to Help

Hello everyone ~

My little man, Harley, has been able to ride his bike, without training wheels, since about May. He is not even 4 yet - he will turn 4 on the 28th of November. He looks too cute on his bicycle however it is getting a little to small for him. It is a little 12" Huffy Rock-It bike. I told him we would eventually get him a new one that is bigger. He responded with "I need to be able to pop wheelies on it mommy." I laughed because he tries real hard to do a wheelie and can actually get the front wheel off the ground about 3" and then of course right back down on the ground. Anyway so now I have to research and find a bike that will fit him and do a wheelie... LOL The things we do for our children. I guess we will go out and shop for bikes in the next couple weeks.

Had to share. Hope everyone has a great day.

Erika =)

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