Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everything goes so fast...

Hello all ~ hope everyone has been having a good week. I feel like the weeks seem to be flying on by. I think heck I got all week to get this stuff done and then next thing I know it is over. It is then that I panic because I feel like I have not done enough to be prepared for the following week. I tend to procrastinate and then try to cram everything into the last couple days and then usually end up regretting it. This week has really not been to bad ~ last week however was rough. Had tons to do in my other class and waited till last two days and then was not unable to finish. This makes me so mad at myself and makes me even more mad when I find out that had I not been deducted for being late it would have been darn near perfect if not perfect... You would think I would learn. Maybe I will one of these days. Anyway, just wanted to ramble a bit. Hope everyone has a great one.

Erika =)

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